Palisades Free Library

Palisades Free Library

Summer Reading 2024

Teens riding a bike, skateboarding, and roller blading over a pile of books


Teens ages 12-18 may sign up for the Summer Reading Game

Come to the library to complete a registration form!

You can begin registering June 28. The summer reading game runs 7 weeks from June 28-August 16. Each teen who reads a book can write a review of the book either on paper or digitally HERE!

When reviews are complete, you can come to the library to recieve a ticket to enter to win a pair of VR glasses. Only SCOSD students may enter for the VR glasses.

You will also get a ticket a scratch to win sticker. If you win, you get a prize RIGHT NOW out of the prize bucket. It could be a pad of paper, some erasers, or even a gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin!



Interested in volunteering at the library and earning community service credit? Consider joining our Teen Advisory Board. The Board meets monthly and works to develop and implement programming for tweens and teens. To learn more, contact the library at

Local history buffs can also earn community service credit by doing research: 

  • Research and write a one-page biography about a current or former resident of Palisades.
  • Research and write a one page history of an old house or building in Palisades.
  • Write a story about something unusual that happened to you in Palisades.
  • Interview someone who has lived in Palisades for more than 10 years.

We'll share your work with the community through our social media platforms and retain a hard copy for viewing at the library.




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Al Pacino: A Quiet Retreat in Palisades, New York By Ali Kolenovic

Perched along the shores of the Hudson River, Palisades, New York, has become an escape for celebrities seeking a quiet life. Among the illustrious residents embracing the charm of this town is none other than the film legend, Al Pacino. Pacino's choice of residence in this neighborhood underscores his quest for a haven away from the unrelenting gaze of public life.

Born on April 25, 1940, in East Harlem, Pacino rose to fame through his mesmerizing portrayals in classics like "The Godfather” and “Scarface.” Palisades serves as a stark contrast to the bustling New York City streets for the actor, allowing him a healthy balance in life.

Pacino's Palisades residence is a masterpiece that mirrors the actor's penchant for the finer things in life. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and ancient trees, the property offers panoramic views of the Hudson River. This property is spread out over 3 magnificently exclusive acres. The house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and its total living area is 4,290 square feet. Pacino bought this property (built in 1971) in 1979 for $375,000 and throughout the years of his ownership, significant improvements and repairs have taken place. It has a beautiful center courtyard in the center of the exterior, with a finished basement and fireplace inside the home. He also owned the home right next door that he sold in 2013 for $3.3 million.  

Despite his iconic status, Pacino remains an active member of the local community, attending events, and championing local causes. His presence infuses Hollywood allure into Palisades. His home is not merely a magnificent dwelling; it is a way for the famous actor to escape the stress and responsibility that comes with such a demanding career. Palisades offers a beautiful escape from life’s everyday struggles, and Al Pacino is only one of many to take it up on that offer. 

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