Board of Trustees

Trustees serve a five year term and are elected at the December Annual Meeting by the residents of Palisades, NY. The Board meets at least 6 times a year at the library at 7:30 pm on the second Thursday of the month. 

Marjorie Galen, President, 2024

Margaret Cook, Vice President, 2021
Andrew Goffe, Treasurer, 2025
Paul Ricobbono, Secretary, 2024

Sarah Buterbaugh, 2022

Marty Nealon, 2025

Kathryn Shattuck, 2021

Mission Statement

The Palisades Free Library enjoys a unique relationship with the hamlet of Palisades as a vibrant cultural landmark. The library’s mission is to promote, support and sustain this relationship through its work as a public resource for education, information, and enlightenment. It will continue to promote intellectual freedom and public discourse, as it adapts to the changing cultural and intellectual needs of its citizens. The Palisades Free Library endeavors to fulfill its mission through responsible governance, ensuring a consistent and durable future for itself and for the residents of Palisades.


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Long Range  Plan - Adopted 2019
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