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Volunteer Opportunities for Teens
Contact Georgia Grandstaff for more information or to register at (845) 359-0136, or submit the following application to library staff:

Teen Volunteer Application

Study Buddies
High school students are paired with younger students (grades 3-6) to help with homework after school.

Program Helper
Help younger kids with crafts at our regularly scheduled programs.  Ages 12 +

Recommend a Good Book:
·         Teen Book of the Moment: Write 2 or 3 sentences about a book you liked.
·         Create a book jacket for a book you liked.
·         Create a poster for an author you like.
·         Create a pendant for a fictional high school in a book you read.
Children’s Literature
·         Cut out and create felt board characters for children’s story time.
·         Story Time On the Fly: Have a book you would like to read to a young child ready to go. If a child the right age comes into the library, ask him or her if you can read them a story.
·         Write a puppet show and create stick puppets based on a fairy tale.
Local History:
·         Research and write a one page biography about a famous person who lived in Palisades.
·         Research and write a one page history of an old house or building in Palisades.
·         Write a story about something unusual that happened to you in Palisades.
·         Interview someone who has lived in Palisades for more than 10 years.
Teen Advisory Board:
·         Plan programs for teens such as wii game nights, create crafts, food and nutrition, book discussions.
·         Select movies to show.
·         Pick books to add to the collection.