Palisades Free Library Website

The Palisades Historical Committee, as part of the Palisades Free Library, watches over and helps to maintain the Library's extensive historic collection of photographs, clippings, memoirs and memorabilia. The Library is also home of the Gesner Diaries, written by Nicholas Gesner between 1829-1850.

Over the last 15 years we have published six books on Palisades history; all of them are available for sale at the Palisades Free Library. They are:

Mary Lawrence Tonetti, a memoir by Barry Faulkner
In a Simpler Time, a collection of 19th century reminiscences by Palisades residents
Historic Houses of Palisades, New York
Palisades and Snedens Landing, the Twentieth Century
A History of the Palisades Free Library
Storied Snedens Landing

For information and questions about Palisades History, please contact Alice Gerard at 845-359-4338.